More About Me

The Businessman who became a realtor.

Nothing is more exciting and terrifying at the same time than buying or selling a home.

The process can feel so complicated and often mysterious. Not knowing if the next person or couple walking through your home will be the one, or when you find a home that fills the dreams of your visions and will your offer be negotiated and accepted to benefit you.

This is where I step in. Please take a few minutes to check out my background to see if we're a fit to have an exploratory conversation about real estate.

My job is to remove the terror and mystery and enhance the excitement of selling your home or securing a qualified buyer.

With 21 years of crafting multimillion dollar transactions, with many moving parts, I should be well suited to be your guide

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want your agent to base your offer, or list price, solely on what the comps show? I will be very strategic about your lead price, for buying or selling, in order to serve your best interests.
  • If you are ready to list your expensive home, are you ok working with an agent who doesn't have the wherewithal to properly market it? We will invest any and all resources to market your property to the exact right targets for it, regardless of the costs involved.
  • Ending up in a bidding war for your purchase or sale is a real possibility nowadays. Are you ok working with someone who does not have the probing skills to find out what the other party is really thinking? I spent 20 years training corporations' executives on questioning techniques to uncover the truth behind other people's actions or inactions. Negotiating for you will be a slam dunk for me!
  • Have you noticed that since the red-hot market cooled off that just about every property on the market is sitting much longer and the list price is being lowered again and again? How would you feel if that happened to you? Properties that sit on the market too long and have multiple price reductions, are ones that had no strategic plan for how to best sell it, and certainly no backup plan if it didn't sell in the first week or 2. We will devise a well thought out, comprehensive plan for how to best sell or buy next property.

A little bit about me and why you and I might be right for each other:

In recent years I have bought and sold 9 residential properties. The first 5 went very smoothly because I had very strong agents representing my interests. The last 4 did not go so well as I had very poor representation by a succession of 3 different agents. My bad for picking the wrong people for such important transactions. After the last 1 I vowed to never again leave such important matters in the hands of anyone but myself.

The harsh truth is that I was shocked at how weak those 3 agents were and was extremely frustrated by the issues they caused and were unable to resolve. In hindsight, I should not have been so surprised. The barriers to entry into the real estate profession are incredibly low. All anyone must do is pass a very easy 150 question test and they are licensed to help Californians with 1 of the most important decisions of their lives.

For 20 years I was a very successful sales executive who found, negotiated, sold and closed hundreds of 7 and 8 figure deals. Everything I sold before real estate was more complex and challenging than residential real estate.

Are you 100% confident that all will go well with the next sale or purchase of your home?! If not, let's talk. It will take us less than 30 minutes for both of us to determine if we should work together. If we do, my promise is that you will never experience the mistakes and lame representation that I did.